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new door installation

After a certain life span our garage usually requires replacement. This replacement means installing a new garage door. While installing a new garage door; it is always recommended that you change the entire system. This will help you avoid frequent repairs. When you are changing every part of your garage door, sufficient knowledge is quite necessaryand also use of the right equipment is also recommended.

At Boerum Hill Garage door repair in New York, we are equipped with trained professionals and the necessary equipment to carry out this installation in the right manner. Our crew will carry out a pre visit to your garage; determine your garage door measurement and any other factor which might be significant. We can handle everything, whether it is broken springs or new motor installation. After this, they will place under consideration any desired door type that you have in mind. They will advise you appropriately and you will come to a consensus on which garage door will be installed. Afterthis, we will prepare your garage door and then come to carry out the installation. This might seem a complicated procedure, but for us, we will keep it as simple as possible

Basically, your new garage door installation will take a small period of time and we will charge you a favorable price.